Thursday, February 27, 2014

I like big books, I cannot lie...

That's right...I love books.  All books.  The classics, business books, romance novels, erotic trashy novels.  All of it.  I read a large volume of books and I have always been a voracious consumer of the written word.

Lately, I have been thoroughly enjoying interacting with authors and their fans on different Facebook groups.  Then some opportunities were offered to me to read an ARC-advanced readers copy.  The great thing is being able to read a book before it has been released which is a huge rush.  But then, I realized I would need to spend some time spreading the word about these books!  Hence...the blog.  On occasion, we will have guest writers for the blog.  I have lotsof friends who read also!

You can expect to hear my honest opinion about a book.  If it is a flop, I will tell you.  If it is great, you will know!  I am looking forward to sharing my reading experiences with you.

To accompany this blog, there is a twitter feed and Facebook fan page.


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