Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Report: Long Way Home

Book Report
Title:  Long Way Home
Author:  Ann Vaughn
Genre:  Romance

The Straight Skinny (score of 10)
Blush factor: 3
Onion Factor: 4…almost fell off the elliptical during the scene that made me boo hoo
Lend Factor:  8

This is a good old-fashioned love story.  With some crazy lunatics trying to keep our star-crossed lovers apart, just to spice things up.  If you are from Texas, you will enjoy the small town Texas feel of the book.  I can picture the town dance described early in the book- I miss going to those myself. 

I love that the main female character, Tessa, is a complete badass.  By the end of the novel, I liked her a lot and she was a very human character.  You recognize some of the stupid things she does in the actions of you or your friends and you want to warn her…

There were sex scenes, but nothing too steamy or excessively descriptive.  I would even recommend this one to my mom because the love scenes were not crass or using silly euphemisms for his parts or her parts.  My sweet Catholic mother enjoys a good, clean smut book.

Overall…a good read and definitely keeps you guessing what is going to happen to Shane and Tessa.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I like big books, I cannot lie...

That's right...I love books.  All books.  The classics, business books, romance novels, erotic trashy novels.  All of it.  I read a large volume of books and I have always been a voracious consumer of the written word.

Lately, I have been thoroughly enjoying interacting with authors and their fans on different Facebook groups.  Then some opportunities were offered to me to read an ARC-advanced readers copy.  The great thing is being able to read a book before it has been released which is a huge rush.  But then, I realized I would need to spend some time spreading the word about these books!  Hence...the blog.  On occasion, we will have guest writers for the blog.  I have lotsof friends who read also!

You can expect to hear my honest opinion about a book.  If it is a flop, I will tell you.  If it is great, you will know!  I am looking forward to sharing my reading experiences with you.

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